Interview with Diane di Prima, September 24th, 2018

Rupert: Diane, it’s such a pleasure to be in your company, you’re looking lovely this afternoon. How have you been?
Diane di Prima: I’m feeling wonderful, I’m so glad to be here. You’re looking handsome yourself.
Rupert: I actually just got back from the gym, it must be that.
Diane di Prima: You’re looking sharp, Rupert, let me just leave it at that.
Rupert: So tell me, what have you been doing lately? Have you been writing any poetry?
Diane di Prima: When am I not wrting poetry? I believe the mere act of waking up and getting out of bed is a poem itself. Life is poetry.
Rupert: Interesting, I agree with it myself.
Diane di Prima: Yes.
Rupert: Is there anything else you’ve been doing?
Diane di Prima: My grandson showed me this video game he was playing on his computer, called Worms Armageddon. I just watched him play it for hours and hours, so entertaining. We didn’t have technology like this during the Beat movement. So for me to be able to watch my grandson move these cartoon worms around, it’s really something special.
Rupert: Cartoon worms, huh? That sounds bananas.
Diane di Prima: It was magical. He let me play, and at first I only played for a few minutes, but eventually I started borrowing his laptop just so I could play it. I’ve gotten very good at the game, too. It’s really given me a lot of inspiration for my work.
Rupert: Do you think you could share a Worms Armageddon inspired poem with me?
Diane di Prima: I’d love to, Rupert.
Small, pink, slimy yet frail
Those worms I love, it never fails
Moving the worms across the screen
Defeat my opponents, through blood and scream
Waking up in a cold sweat
Those worms, those worms, I’ll never forget
Beautiful squiggles of pink and brown
If only I too were a worm in this town.
“Worms” will be included in Diane di Prima’s upcoming collection of poetry, Spring and Autumn Annals, coming in 2019.
Rupert: Thank you for your time, Diane.
Diane di Prima: It’s my pleasure. Good bye.